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Ryan Mathews Injured. Surprised?

As I was writing my next article on Sam Bradford (Shameless plug) this typing came to grinding halt when I came across a blip on Pro Football Talk that Ryan Mathews was placed on the non-football injury list. Oh boy! Here we go again! Didn’t we see this read more
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Hextall Brings Front Office Back From Dead

In just his second year as general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, Ron Hextall has, more than anything else, shown to be incredibly creative in trying to create salary cap space for a team which had almost absolutely none when he came on board. Prior to the 2015-16 season, Hextall read more
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Brand the Defacto Mentor and Leader of Youth?

When you heard the Sixers signed 36-year-old, washed up, NBA veteran Elton Brand today, you probably dismissed it pretty quickly. It’s blatantly obvious why the Sixers signed him considering he can no longer play the game of basketball. He is the old-head a locker room full of young whippersnappers desperately needed. He will bring an read more
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The Sad Case of Damion Lee

Once again, and as is becoming a trend in collegiate athletics, the sins of the institution have plagued the innocent players. On a Monday several years ago, the day after the selection Sunday show where a very good Drexel Dragon team was one of the first four teams out, narrowly missing a bid to play the NCAA Tournament, Damion Lee, a scoring machine and rising star for the Drexel team, arrived to his Linguistics read more
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